Roger Wins @ The Glen!
!"Imagine That"!!
This Sucks!
did a 2:15 something
and everyone else was slower!

Race results
roger             2:17.6
ed                 2:17.1
shields          2:17.4
kittell             2:18.9
carmody        2:18.5
grimes           2:17.7
kearney         2:19.0
grace Sr        2:19.0
r-fredericks    2:23.0
2:16.947....10 laps
scaler ...."got taken out "
roche......was in "XTC"

By Ed Womer,
At the start,
Roger did get a nice break from the rest of us due to having a 500 between us.
From my 6th starting spot I started to work my way forward after the first few
turns. After passing
Grimes and Kearney I got to Carmody and Tupper and
had to work to get around them with Tupper closely hounding me. Carmody
and I closed on Shields as we watched Roger off in the lead running by
himself. I did get a great draft by Carmody and Shields into the inner loop and
carried way to much speed and ended going off into the grass with Shields and
Carmody both passing me back. A ford spun in the grass at the exit of the
inner loop and in typical Glen procedure a full course yellow came out to allow
the workers to get him out of harms way. This certainly was not what Roger
had hoped for because after some laps at race speed we finally caught up to
the pace car and slowed to a crawl.

At the restart Roger, Shields and I made a break and got some
distance on the rest of the field and proceeded to have a very entertaining (in
my opinion) race for the lead. A slow 500 somehow ended up racing with us
who started to cause some problems amongst us but he did get the message
after some maneuvering to get him to leave us alone. A 500 ended up in the
gravel outside the inner loop and Tupper also a lap latter and I thought they
would have a full course caution again which I was hopping for since I was in
the lead but for some reason they allowed the race to continue. As we came to
the line with one lap to go Roger and Shields both passed me witch I had no
problem with. On the way up the straight from third I again had a great draft
and as Shields went to pass Roger on the left I followed Roger and passed
him on the right and took the lead into the inner loop. That lasted until the climb
out of the toe off the boot where Roger had a great run and passed me but I
was able to keep Shields at bay. I attempted to make a pass out off the last
turn for the lead but left too much of a gap and was only starting to try to pass
Roger at the finish. I only hope that the race fans at the track enjoyed the close
racing because I sure did. It would have been nice to get the win witch would
have made four in a row for me but with 7 race weekends on the motor I am
happy with having a great race with everyone.
More from "further back"
From 4th Place
By Gary Kittell
It wasn't very pretty but here goes:
I Started in 8th right behind Ray after a fruitless attempt to qualify alone in the
face of a 25 mph headwind on the back straight. Caught the start surge just
right and then threw it all away when I hit the brake instead of the clutch while
going for 4th gear. That "minor" mistake took me from 7th to 11th inside the
first 200 yards of the race. From there it was a slow struggle to get back to a
distant 8th with the lead and second packs both long gone. A full course yellow
closed the field up again for a restart. Lis radioed it was going green on the
same lap that we caught the pace car. The green flag transmission came while
we were coming slowly off the left hander just before the front straight. This
timely info allowed us to jump all the way to 5th on the restart right behind Ray
once again. A couple hiccups from Ray's car put us into 4th. Unable to close
with the front 3 (Rodger, Ed & Rick) meant that from there on it was a question
of driving as fast as we could and "managing" our draft to pry a 4th from what
had been looking like a lost cause.

"More further back" From 5th Place,
By Ray Carmody
Start of race got a good start. Worked my way up to 2nd at one point,
Ed & Rick drafted by down the back - Ed went wide at the exit of the loop Rick
& I went back by.  Roger was up the road a little and I thought if we worked
a little we could catch up,,.Tupper caught up to us and passed by but the next
lap as we were going down the back I got a run on him but the yellow just came
out going into the loop - we both pushed the issue with Glen going wide and
spinning into the gravel and that ended his day. We  were going like mad
to catch the pace car for 2 laps - finally we did.  On the restart I was caught
sleeping and blew it....  It then came to a fight for 4th - Roger, Ed &
Rick were up the road.  The fight was on between Gary, myself, Eugene with
Jim Kearney lurking. My car decided to start acting up in the chute after
the inner loop and at the top of the toe. Gary got by with 1 to go - I drafted
back by him down the back and he re passed at the  bottom of the chute with
Eugene also looking to get by.  
Eugene passed me at  the top of
the toe
and I got up on the wheel and re passed him at the stripe for 5th. It
was a lot of fun - great party Saturday night- lots of friends.  Just a good
weekend with friends. Congrats to Roger.

So, what happened to Scaler?

By Grimes,"From trackside sources!"
On the First lap, Dan Grace passed Scaler and Kittell on the back, so Grace
led into the boot! Then Grace lost it !Overshot the toe,... Scaler and Kittell
checked up, Grace on the outside, Kittell in the middle And Scaler on the
inside, all very controlled, no big deal.  This checking up allowed Fredericks to
catch up, and He decided to make  a "rookie move" and go 4 abreast in the
toe,,,and hit the side of Scalers car and thus dislodging the valve cover! So
Scaler parked the car and "was not happy!"