Ed Womers take on

Well after going back to the track it really
brings back the pleasure of racing at a
real world class race track. So we get to
do another one in two weeks as well.

I only got two laps in on Sat. morning
because the car wouldn’t run at first
unless it was just idling and I came back
to the paddock and Watson helped me
out and we removed the new fuel test
port I installed. The engine would then
run but not at full throttle so I made two
slow laps and came in. I took the carb
apart and Ray helped me out and there
was dirt in a couple of places and we
cleaned it out and put it back on and
everything worked fine.

In the afternoon session Ray, Gary and I
were running together and we passed
Dave Satterly and he was unable to keep
up and they had a black flag and I
noticed Steve Schiff had dirt all over his
car and he told me latter that he had
went off and when he went to start to go
back out after the black flag his car
wouldn’t start because two switches
failed. Ray, Gary and I caught up to
Dennis Andrade and when we passed
him I guess we gave him enough info on
the track and he was able to hang on and
improved his lap times to within a
second of the three of us.

In the race Gary , me, Ray and Dennis
drove away from Schiff and Satterly and
had a great race with Ray and I almost
getting away but Gary and Dennis did
hang onto us. I think I led most of the
laps and there was a full course caution
for a 500 who hit the pit wall. We
restarted with 3 laps to go and naturally
no one would pass me and I was starting
to realize I would get passed on the back
straight on the last lap so since I was in
the lead and only Ray seemed to be able
to draft pass me during the race and
Dennis and Gary could only get a long
side of me I had to figure something out.
I then figured out my only chance would
be to slow them all down at the slow turn
onto the back straight and turn it into a
drag race which is what I did. It did work
and I had maybe a 10 car lead out onto
the straight and it took them all the way
to turn 8 to even get close and Ray
passed Gary and Dennis on the outside
to get into second but I had track
position and beat him to the finish line.
Ray was pissing and moaning about me
slowing them all down to give myself a
chance up the back straight but I since I
was leading the race and it is up to me to
control the pace and just because I did it
to my advantage is as the say goes, that’
s racing.

Needless to say I had a great weekend
and I hope they have the race again next