The 5th annual Meeting of the Northampton
Croquette Club
was held this year in the only major snowstorm here in
the northeast this winter!

The tournament was dubbed
"Nor'easter at The Northampton "

And made for an interesting challenge for the competitors.
Light snow had been falling and accumulating  before the event !,  canceling practice!

Key areas of the course were covered , giving  competitors and their supporters
time  to enjoy refreshments indoors and outdoors fireside preceding play.

Once play began  for the 25 competitors in the tournament
the grounds crew worked diligently to preserve the course throughout
the night. As the tournament progressed though 5 qualifying rounds,
one "second chance" game..

And then , ....."Supper Final Championship".......... The keg kicked in and
the snow got deeper.

In the Championship game the host dominated from
start to finish To take the victory against a bunch of screwballs
in funny hats.

The presentation of the Cock by last years winner Mike Spano
was moved indoors in a touching ceremony leaving your host holding
his own Cock !

The official results are as follows:

Bruce wins,, 24 other people lost!
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