By Ed Womer

Saturday Was not much fun since it
was typical Summit April weather of
cold and raining. Dale Rader had the
pole for both seasons and I had it in
the afternoon late in the session until
Dale's brother told him on the radio so
he pulled a good one and took it back
in the end!

Rader       1:44.6
Womer      1:45.4
Curtis        1:46.1
Kearney    1:47.2
Davis        1:48.4
Tupper     1:48.4
Grimes     1:48.9
Carmody  1:49.1
Shields     1:50.2

Race day was crystal clear and by
race time which was after lunch I think
it was in the mid 50's. Until I look at the
tape I really don't remeber what
happened but after a few laps it settled
down to Kearney, me and Glen
Tupper. Kearney was able to get up to
3 second lead but I was at times
cutting into it. Tupper did the last lap
pass going into one and we went side
by side up to 3 when I let him by. The
pass for second out of the last turn
was thwarted by Tupper when he
slowed at the apex forcing me to do
the same and I only got half way along
side of him by the finish line.

1  Kearney        1.26.8
2 Glen Tupper  1.26.7 fastest lap
3 Womer           1.27.1
4 Griener          1.27.2
5 Davis             1.27.1
6 Curtis            1.26.9
7 Phillips          1.28:2
8 Grimes          1.27:9
9 Shiff              1.27.9
10 Rader
11 Shields
12 Dwyer
13 Grace
14 Qualls
15 Carmody

Ray Carmody had a steering bolt
brake going into 3 so ended up in the
tire wall with damage to the front of the

Summit Point National April 2006