Lap Record.. Topeka FV 1:56:384 75.967 06-11-06 Steve Oseth / Vortech
Our Guys From the NorthEast!

Jim Kearney is towing out solo...God help him! Leaves Tuesday the 3rd..His Wife Linda
flys in Sunday.

Scaler & Siebenaler`s cars are going  in The AutoWerks Trailer, and Steve Pastor of
Vee Sport Racing is  riding shotgun! I think they are leaving Tuesday?
Dave  and Roger flying out

Carmody group Is gonna save a Shitload of  time & money..cause they
are stayn` home!

Shields is towing out Thursday AM....Solo I think,,, yuck!

Womers are taking Grimes` car and leaving Thursday morning
Grimes is Flying out Saturday, His wife Mary will fly out Thursday the 12th

Remmers have a very full plate....Driving, Flying, Vegas a Wedding, Flying
more driving

Blanarik...leaving on Sunday Driving out with his Dad

Mason .Nelsons Dad Jay and Bro. Jesse are leaving  Ontario  Thursday night to
arrive late Friday.  Nelson is flying into Kansas Friday from the UK ...
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Gary Blanarik
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The 2006
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national Championships
Tim Remmers
Nelson Mason
Jim Kearney
Roger Siebenaler
Edward Womer
Rick Shields
Eugene Grimes
Raymond Carmody
David Scaler
The Weather in Topeka
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